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After graduating in performance and composition from the Coventry School of Music in the U K, Geoff kicked off his professional career playing sax for Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band. Shortly after, Geoff became a founding member of EMI recording artists Dexy’s Midnight Runners. During this time he was responsible for the horn arrangements that gave Dexy’s their signature sound. Their debut album Searching for the Young Soul Rebels became a hit, spawning 3 UK top 20 singles including the No. 1 Geno. The album was re-released for the third time in 2010, still to rave reviews.

After parting with Dexys, Geoff went on to form The Bureau. With hits in Australia and Canada, they toured the UK and USA with The Pretenders. The Bureau’s self titled album was remastered and re-released by WEA in 2005.

In 1984, Geoff became a member of the TKO Horns, touring and recording Punch the Clock with Elvis Costello and the Attractions. Other TKO recording sessions include Nick Lowe, The Fixx, Difford and Tilbrook among many others.

After a short stint with London based EMI recording band The Neighborhood, Geoff moved to New York, where he brought his signature sound to the Celtic rock band Black 47, helping them to enjoy the 25 years of popularity that led them to be referred to as New York’s House Band.

In 2011, Geoff released Lost in Space by GI Blythe. This 11 track album was recorded in New York, and featured band members drawn from various previous projects, both in the USA and UK.

In 2014, Geoff collaborated on The Team that Dreams in Caffs. A book of photos and memoirs about the original Dexys Midnight Runners, culminating in the release of the Soul Rebels Album. This book was requested by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for its archives.

In 2016, GI Blythe released The Ghosts of Bleecker Street, a 3 track digital single ep.

Other credits include music for TV and film, Off Broadway and classical compositions, and appearances in 2 major motion pictures.

Geoffrey Blythe Discography

Aka, Jeff Blythe, JB, GI Blythe
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Television Soundtrack

  1. A Partly Satirical Broadcast, BBC 1982

Movie Soundtrack

  1. Into The West, 1992, director Mike Newhall
  2. Kisses on a Train(complete soundtrack), 1993, director Dinaz Stafford, winner of Paris Film festival Short Film
  3. The Saint of Fort Washington, 1993, director Tim Hunter
  4. Looking For An Echo, 2000, director Martin Davidson

Movie On Screen Performance

  1. The Saint of Fort Washington
  2. Looking For An Echo