There are sounds in rock and roll that set bands apart. There are elements involved in music that grab your attention and hold it tight. “Lost In Space” offers an audible adventure through raw emotions and intricate rhythm. – GI Blythe “Lost In Space” Reviewed by Helen Bach
GI Blythe has stepped up to the plate in the world of music, and has mastered the combination of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues and good ol’ Rock & Roll. – It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This (an interview with Geoff) by Arts A La Carte
Fine Mess Rag is an unmitigated blast. – Bass Guitar Magazine
…they cook up a ska/jazz/rock/crime jazz fusion that not only must have amused them but will amuse you as well. If you are listening, this party on a platter will certainly reach you. Well done. – Midwest Record
Saxophonist, Geoffrey Blythe’s horn arrangements are famously distinctive and have graced many a classic album but have never had a richer setting. – R2 Magazine